illustrations + wearable art + diy craft kits

Seattle based designer, illustrator, and artist.

Behind the Name

La Ru comes from the first two letters of my first and last name: Lauren Rudeck. LaRuDio is a reference to my art studio, La Ru Studio: LaRuDio.

About La Ru

I enjoy drawing cute animals and robots doing typically human things like going camping, exploring the moon, and going for hikes on Mt. Rainier. I have been published numerous publications and blogs including The Handmade Marketplace, Second Edition and Seattle's Child. I have also created crafting tutorials for Sakura of America and Epson. In 2014 and 2015 I was a speaker at Craftcation Conference in Ventura, CA, where I taught classes like How to Hire an Employee, Working with Resin, Cross Stitch, Beginning Embroidery, and sat on a panel discussion about How to Open a Brick and Mortar Shop.

In addition to being an illustrator and running my shop in the Pike Place Market (Ugly Baby and La Ru), I am a licensed architect in the state of Washington, with over 10 years of experience in everything from single family, multi-family, senior living, remediation, retail and restaurant design, and interiors. I have worked on projects in NY, WA, and OR.  

Living in downtown Seattle and owning a shop in the Pike Place Market makes me passionate about my community. I currently sit on the Market Historic Commission as a business owner commissioner, a position appointed by the Mayor and City Council. Every year I host Bunny Party!, a fundraiser to raise money for the Seattle Animal Shelter and Special Bunny Rescue. 

History of La Ru

In 2008, I started a craft group that would meet monthly and pick a material that we had never worked with and teach ourselves how to use it. One craft night we picked resin and I fell in love. We made scrabble tile necklaces with magazines. It was fun, but I hated sticking to such a defined size and using other people's with some experimentation I figured out how to work with clay, resin, and my own hand drawn images to create pendants.

Shortly after I started selling at local craft shows. At one show I overheard a group of guys saying "there's never anything for men at these shows." After hearing that I expanded my product line to include belt buckles and cuff links; they were a hit. My product line eventually expanded to prints, t-shirts, and now DIY kits based off of my illustrations.

In October of 2012 I opened a brick and mortar shop in Pike Place Market called Ugly Baby and La Ru with Rosalie Gale (Ugly Baby). We sell our artwork and DIY craft kits. Our art studio is directly above the shop, which allows us to create our art in the shop. We host many events such as Bunny Party! A fundraiser for the Seattle Animal Shelter every April, Etsy's Birthday Party every June, and occasionally craft nights and craft classes. To find out more, visit: Ugly Baby and La Ru.

La Ru on Etsy

I am also on Etsy. Since a lot of my work is one of a kind, I carry two different inventories. Check on what I have on Etsy here.